• RePlay Health at Harvard Medical School

    Earlier this month the Tiltfactor team ran RePlay Health at the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School’s 3rd Annual Innovation Conference with a group of community members, undergraduates, medical school students, and health professionals! RePlay Health was without a doubt the zaniest workshop at the conference – and it was also tons of […]

  • Official Launch!

    RePlay Health saw its official launch last month at the Society for General Internal Medicine’s annual meeting!  Our team ran a workshop for over thirty health professionals in Denver, including representatives from MGH, Cambridge Health Alliance, VA Centers for Excellence, Mount Sinai Hospital, and UCSF.  The participants had a great time–they were split into two […]

  • New Materials!

    As RePlay Health nears official release we are pleased to announce the final set of materials is now available on the download page! In addition to a cleaner and clearer look, the new materials feature up-to-date instructions. What are you waiting for? Run the game for your group now!

  • Researching RePlay Health

    As RePlay Health nears official release, the Tiltfactor research team is beginning to analyze the effects of the game.  Dr. Geoff Kaufman has been leading brainstorms to determine what aspects of the game will be studied.  Studies will be held in late May 2013 at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, and we’re looking for DHMC […]

  • Dartmouth Students Try Out Game Changes

    The RePlay Health design team is currently in the middle of polishing new game changes that will be released soon in a major update to the game materials.  Among other aspects, the graphics, the characters, the terminology, and the scoring system are all being overhauled.  Check back soon to see the changes!

  • RePlay Health Goes to Austria

    Fellows attending the Salzburg Global Seminar Realizing the Right to Health: How can a rights-based approach best contribute to the strengthening, sustainability and equity of access to medicines and health systems? in Salzburg, Austria sampled RePlay Health. Participants representing over twenty countries learned about Tiltfactor lab’s design philosophies, and then played RePlay Health like professionals, […]

  • RePlay Health at TDC!

    The Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science rocked the RePlay Health game, achieving an average player score of 7.0 in only three rounds. While this put them second on the high score list, there’s no doubt if they had played a full five rounds, they would have beaten Dartmouth Undergrads and reached first place! […]

  • RePlay Health Project Kicks Off

    Can games change the hearts and minds of decision-makers and healthcare providers in the U.S.? Can they fix the healthcare cost crisis? Tiltfactor’s RePlay Health project aims to do just that. In conjunction with the Rippel Foundation and The Dartmouth Center for Healthcare Delivery Science, the Tiltfactor design team worked to model some of the […]

what is replay health?

RePlay Health is a role-playing sport where players must balance performing physical activities to score points with trying to monitor and improve their character's health. The game takes less than an hour to play, and it fosters player empathy and understanding for the many major decision points in the healthcare system.

During the game, your health is taking a turn for the worse. You must decide: do you want to take time off from work (and lose the opportunity to score points) in order to better your health now? Or should you push your luck and hope it doesn’t get worse? Maybe things wouldn’t have gotten as bad if you had quit smoking and taken your medication like you were supposed to, but it’s too late for that! Players quickly learn that the system is flawed, and in between rounds it’s their job to improve it.

Play Stories

Dartmouth Students RePlay Health

Dartmouth undergraduates played RePlay Health to completion, and players scored a whopping 7.2 points on average!  They enjoyed the diverse selection of characters they had to roleplay, and the activity of the game.  After playing, players noted “the difficulties of getting care.”

RePlaying Health at USC

Game designers Jeff Watson and Anna Lotko recently played RePlay Health at the University of Southern California’s Game Innovation Lab.