RePlay Health at Harvard Medical School

Earlier this month the Tiltfactor team ran RePlay Health at the Center for Primary Care at Harvard Medical School’s 3rd Annual Innovation Conference with a group of community members, undergraduates, medical school students, and health professionals! RePlay Health was without a doubt the zaniest workshop at the conference – and it was also tons of fun.  The game was more than just fun, however; players had spectacular discussions about the health care system both during play and after the game, and gave us great feedback on their experience!  As a testament to the workshop’s success, at least several participants were inspired to run  RePlay Health sessions at their own institutions.

In addition to all of this, 3 of the 4 teams who played topped the all time high scores, with one team in particular (named “North Fort Wells”) scoring a whopping 23 points!  The session was a stunning success and we look forward to seeing RePlay Health run in new places.


Picture courtesy of Tom Kates Photography.

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