Official Launch!

RePlay Health saw its official launch last month at the Society for General Internal Medicine’s annual meeting!  Our team ran a workshop for over thirty health professionals in Denver, including representatives from MGH, Cambridge Health Alliance, VA Centers for Excellence, Mount Sinai Hospital, and UCSF.  The participants had a great time–they were split into two “towns” who competed against each other and previous play groups.  Unbelievably, both teams ended the workshop with tied scores (16 points!), and topped the high score list even though they only played three rounds.

In addition to playing the game, the participants experienced a brief primer on iterative game design and how it can be applied to address real world topics for social change.  But the session was not just an opportunity to the attendees, it was also a fantastic opportunity for our team!  With so many sharp minds in the room, we were able to brainstorm future avenues to increase the game’s impact, including playing it with younger and less initiated audiences: in medical schools, at college orientations, and with high school students.

This marks the release of version 1.0 of RePlay Health, which as always can be downloaded and run for free by anyone who’s interested!

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